Avocat à la Cour (Attorney-at-law)

Abou was born in Golléré (Senegal).

He holds a two-year Master’s degree in European Business Criminal Law, obtained in 2013 at the University of Luxembourg.

Abou was admitted to the Luxembourg Bar in 2016 and in the same year joined the firm MMS Avocats, before becoming an Avocat à la Cour  in 2019.

He can advise and assist you in matters concerning, in particular, criminal law, labour and social security law, civil law and commercial law, family law, and administrative law.

He also has in-depth knowledge of mediation and is an accredited mediator in civil and commercial law.

Abou speaks French, English, Wolof, and Fula fluently.

He understands Luxembourgish and German.

He likes football, geopolitics, and travelling.



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