Our lawyers have earned their stripes working on complex cases, as a result of their rigour, their professionalism, their perseverance, and their conscientiousness.

The founding values of their work are honesty and loyalty to our clients, from the beginning to the end of a case.

MBONYUMUTWA | AVOCATS is a law firm that is young, multicultural, experienced, adapted to the evolution of values and new technologies, investing everything in know-how.

We adapt to our clients with respect to all aspects of a given context, to find the approach that is the best suited to their situations and to their aims, all while demonstrating innovation.

We are in a position to provide our services in French, in English, in Luxembourgish, in German, and in Portuguese, but also in the other languages spoken by our lawyers.

Our experience allows us to cross borders to defend our clients, from time to time and effectively, to France, to Belgium and before European courts.